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15 avril 2007 7 15 /04 /avril /2007 05:59
    I'm a Silent Hill nut and won't deny it. It's not something someone can hold against you, the game is great, the series is great, what else is there to say ? Nothing, you just have to like the art and talent present throughout this work. So, from time to time I'm always writing something about Silent Hill, specially after playing the game, I just have to do something, it's like clapping when you've seen something very well done. The same happens to me with Silent Hill 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, I just have to clap, celebrate it somehow. For me, most of the time, that means to write something.
    I wrote this article some years ago, so it's quite old, as old as the game. I even mailed it to some professors that study games and silent hill, both liked it, so it's not a bad article, although it's no more than just that, it's not an essay, it's halfway between a review and an analysis. What's certain is that it's not boring. I sincerely hope you all like it. I wanted to include it in a selection of my best, or most interesting articles, but it's English, and all the other articles were in Spanish, it didn't fit, but I wanted to include it somewhere, somehow. This is my answer to both question: there and this way. You may download my article by clicking on the articles name (it's a pdf document, with lots of pictures) which is RUnning scarce - Article on Silent Hill 3

BUeno, me temo que es otro artículo en inglés. Lo escribí hace muuucho tiempo, pensaba incluirlo en mi selección de artículos, pero como estaba en otro idioma, desentonaba el asunto y no lo hice. Sugiero a todos aquellos que pueden leer inglés, bajar este artículo, ya que es un brevisimo análisis de un aspecto de la narrativa dentro de Silent Hill 3, y es uno muy interesante. Bueno, espero les guste, ya saben, sólo tienen que presionar en el siguiente enlace: Running scarce - Article on Silent Hill 3

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Published by Rodrigo Antezana Patton - dans mimeme
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